Thursday, July 31, 2014


Had a great day of travel.  Found a very cool rest stop in Illinois (I think) that had a bridge that would be perfect in Blanco over the creek to the East side.

 If I were covered in money, I would definitely get this bid! 

There is something amazing about the Mississippi River that I enjoy every time we cross it. 
This is between Illinois and Missouri

We made it to West Memphis, Arkansas.  We stayed here in about 2007 and the Mississippi had just flooded the park out.  We loved it.  And what could be better than staying at the Tom Sawyer RV park on the Mississippi? Watching the boats push barges along the river is so amazing.   

It is considerably warmer than Michigan.  This will probably be the last night we can sleep without the AC.

Finished the Chicken needlepoint while we were traveling, and started the Butterfly needlepoint.  They are both small, 5X5.  Not sure what I will do with them, but then, that is nothing new for my projects!

And also making progress on the Magical Unicorn that is one of my projects in progress.
I am a little worried about this project.  The colors are a little strange, and I am not sure there is enough thread.  Also, it has LOTS of color changes.  I was going to try parking techniques on this one, but so far I have not found it to be convenient.  I do not get the weirdness of the photo.  Those are not markings on the bottom half, just some odd photo thing. 

Onward and Westward tomorrow.

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