Tuesday, July 29, 2014

We have had a wonderful time here in Western Michigan.  I can see why people come here for the summer.  It is green and lush like Hawaii (flowers are everywhere and are in full bloom) everyone is incredibly nice and although you hear sea gulls, the air is not salty and sticky like it is at the coast of the ocean.  As they say, No Salt, No Sharks, No Problem.  Love it.

We are headed South tomorrow morning.  So, since the posts have been a little slim, I will finish the packing info.

Remember the fridge being a residential refrigerator as opposed to an RV fridge.  Well, there are many nice things about it, like ice and water in the door which is really handy.  However, I must warn you, that we have to tether the doors closed.  They do not latch closed like an RV fridge does and have a tendency to open while we are traveling and that is not so good.  Also, because the shelves are glass, I put these rubber liner things on them, and just to be safe, I put the tension rod things to hold things in place.  We had a fridge incident the first time we filled it up and it was not pretty!

I also use baskets to hold things so that I don't have to unload the entire shelf to get to the sandwich stuff.  Easy peasy.

Same in the freezer as that stuff tends to shift also.

Another thing in the kitchen is this cute little shelf above the stove that fits spices perfectly.  The only problem is that the spices flew all over the place and I found them all over the floor once we stopped moving.   So little drawer organizer basket things work like a charm.  Gotta love it.  Also makes it easy to take the spices out when we are at home.  And, they don't go anywhere.

And remember I talked about the command hook things.  I have them everywhere and use them for everything.  Caps, pot holders, jackets and over shirts, dog leashes, fly swatter, and just about anything else I can hang on a hook. 

This is the bottom bunk.  This is where the dogs sleep.  They stay there most of the night, but want to snuggle in bed with us once it is daylight.  They seem really comfortable here, although I don't know how they would react to their window being open and they have not had a use for the pull down DVD player.  Not yet anyway
I use the drawers underneath for trash bags and first aid supplies as well as extra bathroom things.  On the far left under that blanket is a huge tote with extra needlework projects and supplies.  They are contained, but handy!

This is the top bunk.  I covered the mattress with a vinyl tablecloth and got those cube things for storage.  They  hold cleaning supplies (on the far right) and I use the ones in the middle as linen storage since it is directly across from the bathroom.  Works beautifully I must say.  Also, on the right is the dog food and dog treats.  The striped hanging thing on the far left is where I put those deadly and dangerous plastic bags that will soon be outlawed all over the country, but are great for trash can liners, extra poop bags, we clothes and whatever. 
The two little totes on the right are my personal toiletries, one for AM and one for PM.  It is where the vitamins and such live.  It works for me to have a separate tote for morning and evening. 

This is the pantry I told you about.  It is perfect.  I learned to write the names of canned good on the top of the can from a pintrest post.  What a great idea that is.

Since the drawers for clothing in the bedroom are so small, I use this cabinet that I think was supposed to be used for linen, for clothes.  Again, these basket tote things are perfect.
So far, everything has worked out well.  We still have plenty of room, and it is not too difficult to stay organized.  I would not be afraid to take a longer trip.  I cannot tell you how comfortable we have been in this RV.  What a difference from our previous lemon.
There is one more thing I have to mention.  This RV came with a washer and dryer.  I thought it would be something I used only rarely and in some kind of dirt emergency.  Well, was I ever wrong.  I have used it twice now, and it is SO great to get to clean the kitchen and bath towels, the dog blankets, etc.  It feels so far from camping!  I would do the sheets, but I cannot get Jasmine out of the bed this afternoon.
Oh, you have to be prepared for the shaking of the RV during the spin cycle.  It was a little frightening at first, but what a small price to pay for clean towels!
How spoiled am I! 
Back on the road tomorrow ready for more adventure. 
We will be skirting the rainstorms that are hitting the middle of the country, but are looking forward to it.

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