Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day 7

We are in Muskegon, Michigan.  Or outside of it anyway.  It is cool and sunny and breezy.  The park man said we are about 6 miles from lake Superior as the crow flies.  All I know is that the place is beautiful. 
Lake Michigan is on the other side of these trees somewhere.  Or at least that is what the GPS says. 

It was a nice drive, we finally saw farm stands.  The park is really, really nice. Concrete pads, picnic tables, lots of green space, huge sights. I forgot to take photos of the park today, so I will have to post them tomorrow.   

Doug and his sister and  BIL came by.  They brought wood, which was a good thing.  Now I "get" the fire pit thing.  It is freezing here.

The dogs are up in our bed trying to stay warm.
We are going to be here for a week, so blog posts may slow down a bit.  Linda gets in tomorrow evening.
Not much else to report.

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