Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hanging in Michigan

Just spending time hanging around in Western Michigan.  Have been lost more times than I can count.  Thank goodness for the GPS thing in the car.  Of course learning to work it has been far more challenging that I need!

Wild turkeys and deer abound in the woods and so they are everywhere. 

Here are some photos taken while we were at the cottage with Linda and Doug.
That is Linda on the beach with Jasmine.  Jasmine loves running on the beach, but is not crazy about being cold. 

 Not sure what they are looking at?
And here is a sunset over Lake Michigan.  Cloudy but pretty anyway.

Linda has talked about Whippi Dip for years now and I always thought it was just one of those things she made up.  Well, here it is, in the flesh.  We were going to try it out, to no avail.  It was closed.
We are on the road again on Wednesday headed back.  One more short road trip today to some town..........

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