Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Mid June Chatelaine Progress

Old World Vinery by Chatelaine.

Working on this project exclusively before our upcoming trip I am making good progress, but I have run into a little difficulty.

I have found that no matter how many times I read the instructions I ALWAYS make some kind of mistake.  I used two threads instead of one for the half stitches that are purple all around the center.  Of course I had done the whole thing before I realized it, so I am going to leave it.  Grrrrrr.

I also discovered that I am terrible at backstitching.  I tried and tried, and frogged and restitched, but I just cannot get the backstitching around the leaves just inside the orange border to look right.  So, I made the executive decision to just leave it off.  (for the time being anyway). It feels like I am cheating somehow.....so an entire day of stitching was taken up with the silly backstitching.  Enough!

Am beading as I go even though it is a little hard to see in the photos,  using batting (as recommended by some other Chatelaine stitchers) to pad the beading as I roll it up on the frame.    I hope I can finish this center portion before our trip.

So enjoying this piece alot and am sure I will miss it.  I never cease to be amazed by these incredible designs.  It seems that the use of variegated threads makes each stitchers piece just a little bit different.  Of course, with all the errors I make, my pieces tend to be overly unique!

Thanks for visiting.

Friday, June 10, 2016

A Full Finish

I made the Wildflower by Posey collection project into a pillow and mailed it off to friends in Michigan as souvenir of their trip to Texas.  I wish I was a better seamstress, but it is not my strong suit.  I hope she will enjoy it at any rate and that she will remember their family trip fondly when she sees it.

The backing fabric came from the local Textile Studio and was just perfect with the local wildflowers on it.

I am spending most of my time working on Old World Vinery by Chatelaine.  Since I will not be taking this with me (due to size and materials) I want to get as much done as I can before we leave.

I will sure miss my stitching spot by the window.

Will post a photo of my progress when I get the middle portion completed.  Have not yet decided if I am going to bead as I go or wait until it is finished.

Have been busy with chores, changing out some rugs in the house and getting corners and baseboards cleaned.   Also working outside trimming shrubs and painting the new pump house that was recently built.

I will certainly be ready for our trip in July.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Hello June, Hello Sunshine, Goodbye WIPs

Bird Rescue

Good news on the bird rescue front.  I found the little guy had joined the family of other blue jays in the front of the property.  I feel much better now.

We are finally having sunshine and breezes so I expect we will dry out for the summer.  I am VERY happy about that.  It means I can stitch on the screened in porch and on the patio....once I get rid of the moss that is!  Everyone is enjoying the fantastic weather!

17th Century Irish Garden, Liz Turner Diehl

I simply cannot continue this project; not enjoying it in the least and am not excited about seeing it finished.   Nothing wrong with it; I simply am not enjoying it.  So I have put it away for a while.  This is as far as I am going right now.  I could not even bring myself to finish the last corner before giving it up for now.  

Pumpkin Swirl, Glendon Place

Still beading this project.   I am taking it out of the rotation until I get back to California in November.  I am confused and the original pattern is in my book there so this project and the other Glendon Place dessert series projects will have to wait until next year.

Old World Vinery, Chatelaine

Have a good start on this project.  Of course, I am loving it.  I really enjoy the variety of specialty stitches and watching it come to life.  Thus, my addiction to these wonderful designs.

Knot Garden, Chatelaine

Making good progress on all the DMC portions of this project.  It is a great one to work on when I am outdoor and waiting around for something.  There are specialty stitches and beading, but I choose to leave them until the end so that I can launder this piece when all the DMC is finished.
If you are a Chatelaine addict like I am, you might notice that I did not do the little birds that are supposed to be sitting on the gates.  I decided to leave them off.  

Dragonfly Dreams, The Sweetheart Tree

As if I need another project I was inspired by the latest fabric of the month from Dye Stitch Love.  It is called Faerie Whispers and think it will be perfect for the Dragonfly Dreams (and Bumbler Bees).   These two two small pieces (about 50x50 stitches each) are perfect for when I do not have the patience or concentration to work on any major projects.  I have to say that so far I am not really enjoying this project.  I want to do it, but I think other charts have spoiled me.  Also, these pieces are really tiny.

I love the fabric, but this tiny little stitching....I just don't know

Blue Heron, Imaginating

Since we have Blue Herons on the river this will be a good project for the guest bath.  It is straight cross stitching on a piece of jobelan "Winter Storm."

Mini Mandala 05, Chatelaine

I could not resist starting another Chatelaine that is smallish.

June will be busy with chores and getting ready for our trip in July.  I have some finishing to do and getting things kitted and prepared to travel.  More on that in a later post.

Thanks so much for visiting.  Hope your summer is off to a great start.