Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Finish and a New Start to end August

Finished the Grace project for a friend of mine.   Framed it and got it in the mail.   It took about 9.5 hours of stitching.  I did not follow the pattern as written.  I changed a couple of the bands and used a couple of variegated threads I got in an ebay purchase of Caron some time ago.  I really enjoyed using the silk threads.  They are heaven to stitch.

I also decided to try one of the cards that come with the World of Cross Stitching magazine.  They are really small and I discovered that it makes my hands cramp if I do it in one sitting.  If I do another I think I will baste it to a larger piece of fabric so I can put it in a hoop.

While my friend was on my mind I started the Ink Circles pattern she saw while she was visiting this summer.  She loved the colors.  It is on 28 count dyed fabric Queen Anns Lace.  A very nice light green.  It should turn out well.  I am enjoying it.

I watched some videos on the you tube and it inspired me to do the new start.  Although I have several projects in the works, they are quite large so I am going to start a few smaller ones that I have kitted up and ready.  I also feel inspired to do a Halloween project for some reason.  I broke down and ordered a couple of patterns today.  I will share them when they arrive.

I am making use of the hot weather to get some stitching done!

I am finding that while I love stitching with the silk threads, I am going back to DMC cottons for many of my projects.  I am concerned about washing them once they are finished.  I know I cannot wash the silks so I try to be more careful with them and do not work on them outside or in the car. 

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Working and Stitching

I have had so little time to stitch that it is really frustrating if I let myself think about it.

It has been a busy summer of cleaning.

The worst part is that I do not pace myself very well so I end up getting hurt and over tired so that stitching at night is not an option.  I would love to blame my age, but the truth is I am just in lousy physical shape!  I think I heard about some exercise program somewhere that takes every day tasks and makes them a work out.  It is probably a California thing.  I can claim that is what I am doing!

Since I killed my regular camera during the flood (note to self:  do not take photos during torrential rain) I am struggling with getting pictures.  It is hard to find a camera these days that takes a decent picture and does not require a computer science degree to operate.

The weather is hot so afternoons are perfect for sitting with iced tea and stitching.  I have also started refinishing a door I got for free from my brother.  What a score.  Am sanding it down to re-stain and varnish it.

 This is the glass in the door.  I have it covered in the photo above to protect it while I am working on it.  Cannot wait to finish and have it installed.

And in the meantime, I am working on Pumpkin Swirl by Glendon Place.   Enjoying it, but it is not going as rapidly as I would like.  I am almost finished with the top half. 

I have done some work on Gardens of London..  It is interesting to me that the lamp is in greens.  One of the best things about this huge Chatelaine project is that it has so many different areas that have different stitches and threads.  Am enjoying it a lot.  My biggest concern is that it is going to take me so long it will need washing and I won't be able to launder it because of all the threads that are not color fast.  I guess I will have to frame it dirty if it comes to that. 


And have done some work on Books Reading Book.  This is my HAED (Heaven and earth Designs) project.  I hope to finish page 8 this week. 

 And a Chatelaine I am working on called Knot Garden.  I work on this when I travel or when I sit outside because it is mostly DMC threads and I will be able to wash it once it is done.  This is just the middle section.  There are many more parts to it!

And here is a little baby bunny that has taken up residence in one of the rosemary bushes.  Obviously, the dogs have not found it yet!

That is all for this post.

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