Thursday, April 30, 2015

Headed East

We are on our way to Texas.  So far the trip has been uneventful (which is a good thing) other than a cold I managed to catch before we left.  Not too bad.

The "kids" are comfortable before we are out of the drive way!

Last night we stayed in Blythe just West of the river.  It was pretty, but warm!

Tonight we are Benson, AZ where it is hot!  Of course I like it.  It is nice and dry, tank tops and flip flops are the order of the day.

Have not done much actual stitching so far.  Lots of my projects are just too intricate to do while we are moving.  So I starting work on the Buddha (actual name is Purity, Strength, Truth by Dimensions) project today.  It is on 14 count Aida so it is OK while we are moving.  Got a couple of hours in this afternoon.  Hope to get into a rhythm tomorrow as we head toward Las Cruces, NM.

Am hoping to get some work done on Books Reading Books during the trip, but we will see.

I did some organizing of future projects, Knot Garden and Albambra Garden to be exact.  I put the threads on bobbins.   Not sure which one I will start next.  I also want to use s different fabric than the antique white/off white that was sent from ECC with the supplies.

Nothing exciting to report.

Thanks for visiting.

More as it happens.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Finishes and Framing

Have had a couple of finishes the past two weeks.

I finished the Good Things project from Lizzie Kate.  I made some changes in the border and the items in the corners.  The pattern calls for the top left to be a heart and the bottom right to be flowers of some kind, so I changed them both to spools.  Or my interpretation of spools!  It suits me better.  This was a very quick stitch.  I used a fabric that I practiced dying.  I used mostly the Weeks Dye Works thread as called out on the pattern.  I used some threads I dyed myself for the spools just because I had them.

I just used a 5x7 frame I had hanging around.  Nothing spectacular.

Also finished the Chatelaine Mini Mandala 06.  I just loved this project as you know if you have been following me.  It is so amazing to me that someone can design such incredibly lovely things.  All the beads and such makes this piece really sparkle.  Almost makes me want to get a camera than can do it justice.

The project took about 72 hours of stitching and I am amazed that I enjoyed it so much.  Even the beading, which was a little tedious was enjoyable.  I am glad it is finished, but I miss working on it.  Crazy.

I framed it myself for the time being.  I want to keep it from dust and dirt until I can get it matted.  I did use a spacer between the piece and the glass to help with the preponderance of beads and crystals.

I am still working on and enjoying Gardens of London; a large Chatelaine Mandala.

A great mix of different kinds of needlework.  Mostly cross stitch with specialty stitches and embroidery stitches mixed in.  The vines of flowers are especially tedious for me.  The placement is difficult for me as I am not that good at counting on linen.  Still enjoying it, however, even if I do have a long, long way to go.  This project also has lots of beading (those are the large blank spaces  you see) but I am waiting to do all of it once all the stitching is done.  Maybe. 

I am getting projects kitted and ready to get on the road at the end or the month (hopefully).  There is some spring weather to the East of us so I am not sure yet when we will actually head out.  I am doing the packing in my head these nights so sleep alludes me!  I must be ready to go.

I am going to miss all my "stash" but I think I am taking enough kitted projects to last me a couple of years so I should be OK!

Friday, April 3, 2015

April Arrives

Have been working diligently on my projects so let's get to it.

I have been working on my Chatelaine designs and am enjoying them more than I could have imagined.  They are complex and take concentration, but I love the designs and the threads.  I am even enjoying the beading.

First is Mandala 06.  The colors on this piece are so amazing.

I work a little on Mini Mandala 11b.  I am looking forward to reworking this piece on a better fabric and with the special threads that are specified.  This one, remember, I used all DMC substitutions and while I like it, I miss the variations with the different threads and the textures.  I may or may not finish this piece

Gardens of London is also coming along.  I hit a snag with a particularly challenging portion of the design, but I plan to knuckle down and work on it this week.  Thanks to some postings on this project I am a little less frightened of it.

I did work on Books Reading Books.  I am pleased with the way it is going which is a good thing since this piece is going to take a year or more at the rate I am going.

I have not touched the Buddha piece this month so no progress there.

I finished the bell pull I am doing for a friend.  This is a design by Ink Circles and it worked up rapidly.  Finishing this finish was a big of a challenge.  I would like to have better (or craftier) finishing skills. 

I have also started to put together the projects that I will take with me when we travel in a few months.  I have kitted up several of the Glendon Place dessert series designs.  I am planning on doing Pumpkin Swirl as a gift so will not post it until it is completed and gifted.  I also have others that are ready to go.  I think the Chatelaine Mandalas sort of got me into the symmetrical designs.  I am kind of stuck on them at this point.

I started a small piece just for a change of pace since my WIPs are pretty much all Chatelaines.  Well, the pieces I want to work on that is!  It is "Good Things Come to Those who Stitch" by Lizzie Kate.  Just a quick, small project.  I am using a piece of fabric that I dyed.  I will probably change out the pink on the right side for a gold/brown color as well as make some other changes to the pattern. 


Last but not least I did some more adventures in dying fabric.  I sure to love doing it.  I also dyed some thread for a tooth fairy pillow for my grand daughter.  Perfect timing as she lost her first tooth just after her 6th birthday.

That is it for this month's update.  We may be on the road in the next couple of months --- probably late May--so there WILL be road adventures!

Thanks for visiting

Have a great April!