Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day 3

Finally the sun is shining on us!  Got out of Oklahoma City early this morning with no problems at all.  I have to say that the tollway (highway 44) is really boring.  And the toll is a little steep as far as I am concerned.  $10.75 about twice between OKC and the border.  Yikes.   But I did finish one project and start another.    More about that later. 

Stopped at the Missouri visitors center just outside Joplin.  It was very nice with lots of space, picnic tables and, of course, maps.   We opted not to go into Joplin to see how they are doing after the tornado a couple of years ago. 

I know that Missouri is supposed to be the "show me" state, but I think they are the trucking state.  There is a trucking company or depot every few miles and there are a plethora of truck pull-offs on the sides of the highway.  Not really rest areas like you see on highways, but just a big paved turn-out kind of thing. 

We are staying tonight in Lebanon (pronounced "LE banin" as well it should be)  Nice park, wooded, has a little lake and great WiFi.  Only downside is it is right next to the freeway.  Which really is not an issue since we are only here for one night and it is hot enough that the AC is running. 

There is a cute little lake on the park property.  Very soothing.  I am grateful that my dogs do not like water as it is a little green.

Now to the needle projects.  I finished the Ehrman needlepoint and started the small rooster project.  I am definitely going to have to find a shop so I will have a project for the trip home.  The small project is going alot faster than I thought it would.

That is it for today.  Tomorrow we are headed to Springfield, IL where we will spend a couple of days to visit the Land of Lincoln.  I like a little history every now and then!

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