Sunday, January 15, 2017

So Far So Good

Stitch from Stash 2017A

So far no purchases and no more new starts.


Ye Old Coffee House, Little House Needleworks

I enjoyed this, but I must have frogged twenty times and miscounted as many.  How this simple looking project turned out to be so difficult is beyond me.  But, it is done, my first finish for 2017
I made several counting errors and added the coffee cup above the house where it was charted for a heart.

My monthly ornament and  FFO of an old ornament.

That give me $12.00 credit for this month so far in my Stitch from Stash Budget.


Beautiful Sea, Ships Manor

Was able to get caught up the first week of the new year and just finished part 8 so I am all caught up.  Really enjoying the colors of this.

2017 Mystery Sampler, Linen & Thread

Since I am stitching from stash for the first 6 months of this year, I pulled any DMC of which I had more than 10 skeins and pulled a piece of 32 count Platinum Belfast linen.  I am hoping to have the left side finished today.  The second band comes out the first part of February and I would like to stay caught up, but who knows.  Those large empty spaces are for bird looking things that I think I will do in a different color.  I may wait until the second band comes out before deciding what color.


Alice Merryfield, Pineberry Lane

I worked on this for the "red" weekend challenge (Jan 13-15) so I got a little further on it and want to finish out the red part of the border this weekend.  I am probably going to replace the very pale color as it just is not showing up on this fabric.

Dancing Deer, Cherished Stitches

I am still amazed by the colors in this piece when I step back and look at it.

But Happy They Wedding Sampler, Cherished Stitches

I wish I could say I was enjoying this.  It may end up at a UFO by the end of the month.  It just is not holding my interest, although I do like the fabric.  I should probably make up my mind before I get to the personalization portion!

That is it for the first two weeks of the year.  I have a pile of finished things from last year that I would really like to get completely finished, but I just have not been in the mood for finishing.

Thanks so much for visiting.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Welcome to 2017

First Things First:  Happy 10th Birthday to my sweet little Jasmine all curled up after destroying the bed!  She was not too happy that I uncovered her to take her photo......

I am doing Stitch From Stash 2017A.  It is stitching only from what I have on hand and sticking to a budget for the first six months of the year.  I have so many things I want to complete this year and I know I have more projects that I will live long enough to finish!

New Start 

Ye Old Coffee House, Little House Needleworks

Am doing this with the called for DMC on 28 count Clay jobelan and I love the fabric.  Unfortunately, however, the frog has been visiting me on this project so it is really dragging.  I am going to change out the heart at the top to a coffee cup.....I am not a huge "heart" fan.  I also am thinking about changing the date to the date we moved into our house in Blanco, Texas since that is where I plan to hang it......

Beautiful Sea Sampler SAL, Ships's Manor

I am determined to catch up on the Beautiful Sea Sampler SAL.   I am into part four so I am just about halfway caught up!    I am doing it on 28 Count Mystic Lugana with the Ship's Manor threads.  They are really great colors and I am enjoying it.  I cannot wait to be caught up.

Linen & Threads 2017 Mystery Band Sampler

This is a free pattern from Linen and Threads and it looks like it is going to be a year long project.  I have a piece of 32 count belfast in Platinum that I am going to use.  My dilemma is the threads.  It takes about 30 skeins and I am stitching from stash this year.  I went through and pulled all the DMC colors that I had over 10 skeins and they are mostly greens, golds and a little brown. I think it would be pretty, but I am so bad at deciding colors I am kind of nervous to start it.  I really do not want to fall behind (comes out monthly) so I gotta just go for it!  If I use the greens I may put the Evergreen Sampler on hold since it is alot of green.


Here is where I am starting this year.  No photos as I have not made any progress on any of them.   With the new starts that give me about 8 WIPs which I think is plenty for a month or so!

Dancing Deer, Cherished Stitches

Evergreen Sampler, Good Housekeeping Christmas Book

Alice Merryfield, Pineberry Lane

But Happy They, Homespun Elegance

Books Reading Books, HAED

Knot Garden, Chatelaine

Thank you for visiting.  I hope your new year has had a great beginning.