Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Packing Continues

 Seems like I am always ready a day before we are actually planning to leave.  Not sure why.  My Dad called it "journey proud". 

Here are the projects I am planning to take on the trip.  Two are works in progress (WIP) and one is ready (thread sorted, center marked, copied the chart, etc) to begin. 

Weird how those squares appear on the photo.  Must be how the light is picked up on the aida fabric.  Anyway, the one to the left is a silhouette project that I thought I would get completed before we left.  I have been working on it for a while now. 

The project on the right is a Unicorn that I started several months back.  I have done very little work on it, so it is going along.  I have only done the center and am planning on practicing my "parking" and "gridding" technique.

The one at the bottom is a kit I picked up at a thrift store for $1.00.  I could not pass it up, and it looks like it will be relatively easy to do while traveling.

Of course I am also taking two smaller projects that are a little more portable.  Heaven forbid I get somewhere without a project!

 They are two projects that I have sort of lost interest in, so it is a perfect opportunity to give them some attention.  Will have to see if this works!

And last, but not least is an unopened kit that I got on sale (of course).  I would like to give it to a friend when it is completed.  Christmas would be nice, but it will probably not be done by then!

So that is it for what I am taking with me.  Oh, except for the needlepoint projects that I work on while we are moving during the day.

I have tried doing cross stitch on-the-go, but it has not gone well.  I end up with lots of mistakes, lots of blood from pricking my fingers and a general mess.  The needles for needlepoint are not as sharp, the "holes" are bigger and it works out better while I am in the passenger seat.  I will post those later.

That is it for today.  

Oh, I just figured out why I am ready a day early.....because I need a day to get the house ready to leave.  Duh.  Sometime I amaze myself (not often, but sometimes)

Thanks for looking.

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