Thursday, July 17, 2014

Stitching on the Road

So what is up with the stitching you ask: 

Well, here it is.

While I take cross stitch projects to work on once we are parked for the evening (posted earlier in the week), I work on needlepoint projects while we are moving.  Here are the photos:

The two large projects are works in progress from prior trips.   Both are supposed to be pillow tops, and both were purchased at thrift stores.  The two smaller projects I threw in because I know I will finish the project on the left in the first day or so. 

This is an Ehrman 2005 canvas and I was thrilled to find it.  There is no chart, and it is really easy to follow ....perfect for working on while we are moving.

I am thinking I may use this for the top of that cube in the earlier post.  Might work.

I have to say that the hydrangea project is a little tedious.  I find the chart difficult to read and very confusing so I tend to avoid it.  Hopefully I will get inspired to work on it. 
  These two little guys were on sale and should go pretty quickly.

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