Monday, February 20, 2017

Mid February Update


Delivering Spring Blossoms, Homespun Elegance

This is a fun stitch.  I am doing it on a really lovely piece of 28 county Lugana from Silkweaver called Astor.


I finished the Valentine from Sitchy Box on the fabric that was included in their 28 Days of February box. I used GAST Cranberry.

The photos is terrible as far as the fabric color.  

I had to use tea to dye the lavender fabric for this FFO.  The fabric was much more "antiqued" that I thought.


Thrift store frame.  No glass, so I padded it heavily.

I also framed the Beekeeper by Plum Street Samples.  I used the tea to darken the mat a little.  I got the frame and mat at a local thrift store and the mat was too white.  It is a little better now as it looks a little more brownish/yellow in person.


Excursion #1 Scotland, Amy Mitten Designs

Well, I am just sick about the progress of my current sampler that I am enjoying so much.  I did not measure accurately and the fabric is not wide enough as a result.  I am going to make adjustments to the pattern as I simply cannot bear to give up on it and I am certainly not going to frog all that I have done and risk running out of the silk threads.  It will be off-center, but what the heck.  I think I will be OK, but what a mess I made for myself.  I am hoping it does not damped my enthusiasm for this piece.  So I have decided to complete the house which is the main focus of the piece, then the border  and worry about the other motifs when I figure out how much room I will actually have.

I think that is it until March.   While I think I am enjoying the Stitch from Stash 2017A (as is my budget)  I am missing the package deliveries.  Crazy isn't it.  I am also trying to keep my WIPs down and I think I am getting a little bored.  I also realize that I do not have a Chatelaine piece going.....perhaps I will start one in March.

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Finally February

January was not bad as far as productivity.

Stitch From Stash 2017A

I was able to get through the entire month without any stash purchases, and I got $26.00 credit for finishes.  So I begin February with $46.00 and my February budget of $20.00 for a grand total of $66.00.  Go Me.  Hoping I can have another month of no purchases and making progress on some old projects.


 Breath of Spring by BlackBird Designs

28 Count Woodvine Jobelan (very definitely a lilac color) using Gentle Arts and Weeks Dye Works cotton threads 2 over 2.

Sampler Excursion #1 Scotland from Amy Mitten.

32 Count Linen, "Fibers to Dye For" silk threads 1 over 2.

I got this kit last year and it comes with everything.....linen, silks, even a needle.  My only issue is all the initials called for in the pattern.  It will take some thought on my part about how to actually do the initials.


I am still enjoying the Mystery SAL from Linens & Threads.  Will be making the color choices as each band is released (monthly) using threads from my stash that I have in multiple skeins.  It looks like it is going to be basically a green, gold and brown piece.  This month's band is quite a bit smaller and more manageable so it did not take me too long.

I am caught up on the Under the Sea SAL by Ship's Manor.


Books Reading Books, HAED

Completed Page 15 which is just abouth half way.  I am in year to of this project and my goal is to give it a little more love this year.

Dancing Deer, Cherished Stitches

I thoroughly enjoyed this.  The colors are just fantstic.  I left off the wording at the bottom and hope that by the time I get ready to fully finish it I will have some idea what I want to put there.

I also made a pillow out of a December 2016 finish, Reindeer Games.  It need some emblishment, but I am going to wait until next Christmas when I am more inspired as I think is really needs something.

I am not all that thrilled with how it turned out.  I think I left too much of the linen fabric on the sides.   I used a pillow form .   By the time next Christmas rolls around I may be in the mood to re-finish it.

Completed a couple of ornaments so far this month.  I think because the two releases on the SALs were small I was a little out of sorts at the beginning of the month.  I found myself wanting to do some February/Valentine themed projects, but new purchases are not in the budget, so I got a freebie and did a small ornament.

That is it so far this month.

I am finding that the Stitch From Stash is carrying over to other parts of my life also.  I am a little more conscious about what I am putting in my Amazon basket these days.

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