Thursday, December 29, 2016

End of the Year New Starts

The end of the year always finds me making plans and trying to get a jump on the new year.  Why?  Who knows.  It isn't like I ever get ahead....except of myself sometimes.


But Happy They, Cherished Sitches

I started the wedding sampler for my friends that is due in March.  It should not take long because it is mostly wording..  Lots of open space that is supposed to be filled with motifs that are personal to the couple.  Well, I am sure that will not happen.  I does have a lot of emply space, and I am a little nervous about adding the correct date.  I may just see if they are registered on-line anywhere and forget it altogether!

Alice Merryfield, Pineberry Lane

Not sure what it was that appealed to me, but I am giving it a go.

Evergreen Sampler, Good Housekeeping Christmas Book

This is my thrifty answer to And A Forest Grew that everyone is stitching.  I may still have to do it one day, but.....trees......


Dancing Deer, Cherished Stitches

I was thinking I would put this away for a while, but I am so loving the colors that I am going to keep going.

I have a stack of other WIPs, but have not touched them this month at all.

And I worked on getting some old (and a new one or two) ornaments fully finished while I was in the mood.  Doing it quickly got me out of the mood, but they now have all been stuffed.  Just need to inspire myself to get them embellished so I can pack them away until next Christmas.

Oh, my wonderful cousin in Canada had the sampler I did for her framed and hung it in her kitchen.....she did a great job picking the frame and I am kind of amazed that I actually did this!

That wraps up 2016.  I am really looking forward to the new year and looking forward to what I can create in 2017.    I will post my plans after the first.

Thanks for visiting and sticking with me this year.  It has been a wierd one.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Very Productive December

First things first, I have to grumble a little.

I have had this floor stand for my stitching for years and am not even sure who makes it or what it is called.  I have struggled with it and suffered with it the entire time.  As you can see, the two "arms" do not line up because the top cross bar is warped or something.  I have tried a thousand time to "fix" it and have not been successful.  I am sure it was not very expensive and it is terribly wobbly.  I have finally given up on it.   I was going to donate it (as I do most things) but I changed my mind and decided to take it apart and hold on to the hardware for later use.  I do not want anyone else to suffer through this awful thing.

I have a Just A Thought stand that I got over a year ago that lives in California but for some reason I have been using it in a different place.  (Hard to explain)  At any rate, I moved it into my utility/craft/laundry/computer room and use it.  Whew, what a difference.  I may get this HAED piece done yet!
Please excuse the mess!

On to stitching stuff


 Nora Corbet letters for my grandgirls.  They are framed and ready for Christmas delivery.

I did a flat fold of Hatching Christmas for my Daughter in Law...she loves it!  Woohoo.  Another Twisted Stitcher tutorial finish.


I am thinking of 12x12 pillows for these two finishes.

Share the Joy of Christmas, Abbey Rose Designs

I am really pleased with this.  I thought the colors were going to be a problem, but I really like it.

Reindeer Games, Kathy Barrack

This turned out cute, but I did not use the suggested threads so I did not do the large black "vase" that is at the bottom.  I will probably do it again next year with the recommended colors.

Woodland Wonder, Glendon Place
The photo does no really show the opalescent fabric very well, but I am pleased with it.  I did not use the kreinik on the snowflakes because I could not get them to come out right.  It looks wierd to me because I did not start in the middle of the fabric, but 3" from the corner instead.   I will try to find a frame for it.

All in all a very productive couple of weeks....of course I have done nothing else!  No housework, no cooking, no laundry.......HA  I have to get to work now and get some cleaning and baking done.

I am trying to get these WIPS done so I can begin my 2017 planning.    I think I am down to 6 if I don't count the ones that I have given up as lost causes.  Who knows, perhaps I will drag them out next year for the Stitch from Stash 2017A.

I am planning to firm up my 2017 stitching plans the week after Christmas while things are winding down for the year.

Thanks so much for visiting.

Have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Suddenly It Is December

Again, I am surprised when December arrives.  I am not sure why, but I never feel "ready" for the Holiday season and the year to end.  I am not all that wild about this time of year for some reason......

At any rate, lots of stitching going on.


Mermaid Letter "M", Nora Corbet

I picked up the frames for these two letters this week at Michaels (that was a nightmare I must say) and will post both of them as soon as they are framed.  

 I framed the two finishes I had oveor the summer.  They are not perfect, but they will have to do for now.
I do not know what I was thinking using orange foam as a spacer for this.  It certainly shows up.  I will re-do it one day.....or not.

This frame asctually had glass in it that I managed to break, so I may pull it out and pad it one of these days.  Hard to say.

Miscellaneous Ornaments Fully Finished

And speaking of finishing, I found these little plastic containers at the Dollar Tree.  I thought I would use them in my fridge, but they fit the spools of trim that I have perfectly.

A Huge Thank You to Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher.  I watched her videos and read her tutorials and have done some finishing work!

My first flat folds.    I am so impressed with myself I can hardly stand it!
I think the key is being patient and taking the time necessary.   No my strong suit....patience I mean.
They could probably use some embellishing, but I probably will never do it!

Little pillow ornaments.  

I am starting several new projects this month that I will report on as I have enough to report.

I hope your December is going well.  Thanks for visiting.