Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day 1

Finally on our way.  It was overcast and raining most of the way as we moved North on 281.  Once we turned a little Westward at Hico the rain eased off.  Very pretty country here.  Lots of horsey stuff going on.

Todays Photos:

Poor little Maggie will be the one pooch on the Bend for a few weeks.  She will probably enjoy it, or at least I would like to think so.

Here are the pups riding along.  They seem to want to be right by us, rather than further back on the couch or even the bed.  Perhaps they think we can get out without them knowing.  Who knows!
Of course they have to have their beds.   

Their overwhelming need to be right in front is the reason for the black cube between the two seats.  It keeps them from getting close to the dash board and in the way while we are moving.
We picked this cube up at Walmart in Tucson and it happens to be perfect for putting drinks and other things on.  Inside we store maps, RV books, and the like.  It is pretty handy as we can move it into the cabin when we are parked and use as a footstool. 

Using it as a cocktail table while we are moving made me think it needed to be a little more skid resistant, so I put the rubber shelf liner on the inside of the lid, and when turned over our drinks (which of course don't fit in the holes that are provided for drinks) stay put.  LOVE IT.
Stopped for lunch along the way.  Not raining, just wet.  And, as you can see, Ty and Jasmine as truly enthused about this trip!
And here we are in Mineral Wells, Texas.  This is a nice park.  It is well maintained and is privately owned.  Free WiFi and all is well.

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