Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 6

We are successfully in Indiana.  Well, just barely.  In Remington, Indiana. 

I was surprised to see cat tails at a rest stop in Illinois.  It has been years since I have seen them.

And Jasmine enjoyed lunch.

Finally off a major highway and onto a state road.  This is some little town that takes beautification seriously!
Still, no farm stands.  Nothing but corn and soybeans. 

Not a bad park at the corner of two highways.  But it does have a "lake" and a nice breeze created by the highway. 

Every park has had these truck tires at every site for fire pits.  I guess since it does snow here they have to have something to draw visitors.  They also sell firewood at all the parks.  A nice cash flow option.  But it is not cold at night at all.  I don't get the fire thing. 

I had a front tooth cap fall off (it always happens when we are traveling for some reason).   I got an appointment on Thursday afternoon to get it glued back on.  So, tomorrow we are going on in to Muskegon rather than taking another day to get there.  We are only about 5 hours away.  I am a little nervous about going to a dentist out of town, but how hard can it be to glue a cap back on so it will last a couple of weeks.  I guess I will find out!  Perhaps they will have nitrous!  woohoo

I am working feverishly (well, sort of) to finish this project and I just have a little to go.  Then I can start on a new one.

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