Friday, July 18, 2014

Day 2

Out of Texas and into Oklahoma (where the wind comes sweeping down the plain).  It is another overcast day, but just a few sprinkles.

We stopped at a really beautiful visitors center just outside Wichita Falls and one just after we entered Oklahoma. 

So we are stocked up on the latest maps and travel books.

We are staying outside Oklahoma City in Twin Fountains RV Resort.  This place is WAY snazzy.  They have all paved roads and sites  manicured sites, a miniature golf thing, pool, fitness center,  pavilions, playgrounds, a storn shelter, etc., etc.  Even a spa and salon.   It does have a kabillion trees so it is like being in  forest, and interestingly enough, it is right off the highway. 

So day two was pretty uneventful.  That is a good thing while traveling.   Well, maybe not completely uneventful.
After getting lost in Oklahoma City between the park and the Camping World I am hoping that  the lights are repaired and we back on the road tomorrow morning.
Now about the lost thing.  He called from the Camping World (which is about 10 miles away) and said he needed me to text him the address of the park because he forgot to put it into the GPS before he left.  (whaaaat?)   The park is on NE 63rd st. and he called twice from NW 63rd st. and told me I sent him the wrong address.  All of you know what an excellent texter I am with my flip phone from the 90s.  I have no way to check to see if I, in fact, sent the wrong address, but I probably did.  It certainly would not be the first time. 
Perhaps I will "recommend" that he put that thing on his phone that tells you where you are and where you have been and possibly where you are going!  
All I can say is that I am SOOOOOOOO GLAD that I didn't go with him, but chose to walk the dogs.  hehehehe.   Oh, did I mention it is rush hour and he is in the middle of  Downtown Oklahoma City.  hehehehehehe   I think I better get out the LumLum's cup and prepare him a beverage before he gets here!

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