Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day 4

  Missouri is an extremely green state.  No evidence of any kind of drought, that is for sure.  I cannot imagine what the pioneers thought when they went West and everything was brown and there were not a lot of rivers and lakes in comparison and even less rain.

Very uneventful drive from Missouri to Springfield, IL.  Crossed the Mississippi at St. Louis.....saw the arch.  Ho Hum. And the Mississippi River.  It never fails to impress me for some reason.


I have never seen so many corn fields.  I decided in my own head that it must be feed corn because there are not enough people in the country to eat all that corn.  The stuff is everywhere.  Of course I guess there is corn syrup, corn flakes, corn tortillas, corn meal, corn liquor, ethanol and corn husk dolls, but that still would not use up all the corn we have seen.

Even the park is surrounded by corn.  Brings to mind "Children of the Corn".  Eeeek

We will be here for two nights before heading on into Michigan. 

We like to take a break when we are traveling around and spend a couple of nights somewhere, especially if there is something to see or the park is really nice.  After three or four days it is nice to stop moving for a day.  I know the driver appreciates the day off.

So does the navigator.

Because we can, we  usually travel in off seasons, not the height of summer.  I am amazed by all the people in a couple of the parks where we have stayed.  The one in Oklahoma City was wall to wall big wheels, and this park in Chatham outside of Springfield is full of families with bicycles and the like.  I can see the bicycle thing here.....there is not a hill anywhere.  Flat, flat, flat.  Shoot I would ride a bike here if I could ride a bike.  Or maybe not.. 

Since we are in the Land of Lincoln we will do some historical (or hysterical) sight seeing.  Neither of us are huge shoppers, which makes it bad for our relatives who look for gifts when we get back, so I am sure we won't be more than a few hours.  I mean, really, how much Lincoln stuff can you look at?   Doubt I will discover anything earth shattering or new, but I will let you know.

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