Monday, July 14, 2014

Getting our rig packed up and ready to go.  The saga of how we ended up in this beautiful Discovery by Fleetwood is long and tedious, but we love our new travel home.  This will be our first major trip in it so it should be interesting, to say the least. 
This is, by far, the fanciest thing I have ever traveled in.  The thing has more room that some apartments I have rented.  We are truly blessed and lucky.
I have not yet figured out how to post to this blog with my Ipad.  That is really a pain, but the laptop will be traveling with us.  Most places we stay have WiFi. 
The other challenge I have is getting the pictures from the camera to the laptop.  This laptop is Windows 8 and I recommending avoiding Windows 8 at all costs.  It does very strange things, and is way above my head when it comes to using it.
It looks like we will be headed out on Thursday morning, so I will post photos of the interior once we are all settled in and on the way.


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