Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Summer rain at last

We are getting some good, steady, slow rain and it is so welcomed.     Wish I could send some to California.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dog Days of August

Have been back about a week now and things are headed up.  The river is like glass which tells me it is going to be a hot day.   We had a little rain last night so it is too wet to mow.  Perhaps later!

 Not a bad thing, as it gives me an excuse to stay inside and work on my projects.

The unicorn is coming along well.  I had to move it to a floor stand as I started working more toward the top of the fabric.  Luckily, I have a great spot near a window that is perfect.

And I started the project on black cloth.  It is a little tedious, but not too bad.  It has lot of metallic thread that I think I am going to do after all the rest is completed. 

I finished one and was lucky enough to find a frame, mat and mounting board at the local thrift store.  For 25 cents no less!  I just took the picture that was in it out and here it is.
So odd how the photo looks.  It was kind of hard to photograph because the glass reflected everything, and the funny lines ?  at least  you get the idea.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Home Safe

Made it back home about 4:00 pm  Saturday.  We did manage to avoid the DFW metroplex.  It was still a little crazy for a Saturday morning, but it was not bad.  I decided that we need to take a day off traveling on the way home as we do when we are heading to our destination.  That way we have a shorter, easier driving day and get home closer to noon.  That is my plan, anyway.

Everything at the house looks good.  I can tell that it has been hot, but it is actually pretty moderate for August.

After seeing the incredible Hosta plants in Michigan, mine look a little sick!

The lawn around the house was mowed and looked terrific.  Our friend Carrie took great care of the place and even did some planting.  How lucky are we

The heat is on its way  here.  At this time of the year the river I very still.  The reflections are fantastic. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Almost Home

Our last night on the road.  Not sure I am ready for the trip to end. 

We are back in Texas, Mount Vernon to be exact.  Cute little park way off the highway (kind of a worry from the driver coming in!  ha) and next to a cemetery.  It is really quiet!  Well, so far.  I will let you know how it is after dark.

 Pretty Still

It is a small little park on some private land.  That seems to be what is happening in the RV world.  Folks trying to create revenue on their land.

Had a little rain  today coming through Arkansas but nothing critical.   It  is supposed to clear out but I am enjoying the clouds.

I can tell we are headed back to warmer weather....the dogs are shedding like crazy!  Good thing I brought my Swiffer!

All in all we have had a perfect trip.  We were talking today about how wonderful we feel about this new RV.  So glad we traded in the lemon.  Everything has gone better than we could have expected.

One thing, however.  The shower is extremely sensitive, and since I am not the most patient person on the planet, I have little tolerance for it.  I am either scalding or freezing.  I am getting pretty dirty, so I am looking forward to getting into my home shower for as good scrubbing!  And the dogs need a good scrubbing, too.

It must be time for us to get back, we are out of wine, out of fresh vegetables and running low on beer and dog treats.