Monday, July 14, 2014

Big Changes, Little Changes

My life has had so many changes since I last posted to my blog.  I am in Texas most of the year now and loving it.  Yes, I like the heat. 

I am still stitching, probably more than ever. 

And, hubby and I travel in our RV from time-to-time and I really enjoying stitching my way along.  The saga of our RV is long and complicated, but we now have a rig we truly enjoy (as do our two whippets)

So, since I have been searching for a while for blogs and information about those who stitch while they are on the road, I decided to post our upcoming trip to Michigan from Texas.  Should be a fun trip, and who knows what we will be doing.  So stay tuned!

As soon as my camera battery is charged up, I will post the projects I am taking with me. 

See you soon

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