Friday, July 18, 2014

Lighting Issues

Discovered when we got to the park yesterday that one of the wires that makes the lights on the tow vehicle work had come loose, dragged on the ground so, no lights on the tow vehicle today. 

Now of course I didn't discover it as that is outside of my RV responsibilities.  And of course I know less than nothing about all that wiring.  Evidently the local Super Walmart, auto parts store and truck stops didn't have the right thing-a-ma-jig to make the right connection. 

So since we are going to be in Oklahoma City tonight, a trip to the Camping World is in order.

Other than that, the night was fine.  I don't usually sleep well the first night out and this trip was no exception.

I used me  new light set up for stitching last night and it worked like a charm.  It has a clamp that attaches to the little (and I do mean little) shelf thing behind the couch.  I can remove the lamp part while we travel.  It adjusts and stays put where ever I put it.  I am loving it.  Haven't used the magnifying part yet. 

 The is the light.   So far I am loving it.

Oh, one more thing before we hit the road.  I have a new favorite thing. 

It is this plastic thing that hooks on the drawer.  It even has a cut out for the drawer handle.  So, while you are chopping veggies or whatever, you can just put all the scraps in the container and toss it when you are done.  I is amazing and I am loving it.  I usually have to keep the trash can at the ready while I am preparing stuff, but this thing is awesome.  Warning to everyone I may get one of these for Christmas if I can remember where I got it!

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