Sunday, July 31, 2016


Tonight we are in the middle of Nebraska, North Platte.  It is as humid here as Texas if not worse.  Wow.  Pretty good road going right through the middle of the state.    This is the "home" of Wild Bill Cody for what that is worth.  Think we will be sticking close to the RV in the air conditioning.  The park is really nice and has great internet which is a bonus.  Too bad I do not have more things to report.

Had terrible storms last night so I am hitting the hay early.......Jasmine is exhausted from being freaked out about the thunder.  Not sure what is going to help her get through it.  It is pretty pitiful to watch.  I think a visit to the vet is in order when we get back and perhaps some intense training.

The NASCAR race is rained out for today so it will give us something to listen to while we are going through Kansas.  We will be in Liberal, Kansas tomorrow night.  HA    I wonder if they really are liberal there.

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More if/when it happens and hopefully I will have some real progress on the stitching front to report.

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