Sunday, July 24, 2016

Into Canada

Jasmine enjoyed the sunshine in Coumbia Falls, MT

We made it across the border with no incidents...not that we expected any, but you never know.  We are actually in Okotos on the Sheep River.  It is really nice, operated by the Lions Club.

It is so beautiful here.  The fields are bright yellow.  I learned later that it is rapeseed (canola).  We are going into Calgary to check it out and to a visit a cousin who lives here.

I finished Lilca Time, the Laura J. Perin project.  Although it has some flaws I am pretty happy with it.  After seeing the photo I did a little work on the leaves and added some more lilac color to the center lilac.  Looks a little better I think.  I still think the center leaves need work.

Here is  close up of the corner detail.  The Ribbon Floss is so beautiful.

I also finished Blue Heron by Imaginating.  Will frame this when I get back to Blanco and hang it in the guest bathroom.

My wonderful husband took me all the way out of Calgary about 40 minutes to visit "Traditional Stitches".  OMG!  What a wonderful shop.  The lovely lady, Janice, was so helpful and amazing, she has her work hanging all around and it is just exquisite.  I got lots of goodies!  (I will post them later when we are on the boring part of our trip headed back through Texas) I have never been a person who does samplers, but I gotta tell ya her work is amazing and gave me a new appreciation for them...I may even do one.  With the US dollar so strong here I was able to pick up a few things at a good price.

We had a fantastic visit with my Calgary Cousin Kati.  Had dinner at a wonderful place called The Keg.  Terrific food and lovely atmosphere.

Today we will be exploring Okotos and visiting again with Cousin Kati here at the campground this evening.

I will start a new needlepoint project when we leave here head back to the States.  I am looking forward to getting it set up and ready.

That is it for today...

Thanks so much for visiting and sharing our trip.


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    1. Thanks so much. The Lilac time needlepoint was really fun to do. Quite a change from straight cross stitch.

  2. Wow, you made it to Canada already! With catching up on your journey here and there, that felt really fast, but your two pretty stitching finishes prove otherwise :) Well done!