Saturday, July 30, 2016

Goodbye to South Dakota

Spoiler Alert:  No stitching news or updates in this post!

Had a good couple of days in South Dakota.  Visited the Bad Lands.......amazing.   I would recommend it if you ever have the notion to be in South Dakota.

 We saw several Big Horn Sheep and more prairie dogs than you can count.  They are EVERYWHERE.
You can barely see one of the little guys standing right in front of this huge and tacky statue!

Also visited the famous (or infamous) Wall drugs. It kinda freaked me out......lots and lots of people and lots and lots of gee gaws.   I cannot say much for Wall except it is a convenient place to stop and there is a great dog park where we stayed.

Also visited Wounded Knee.  Kind of sad.  Pitiful as monuments go.  You have to go through practically the entire Reservation to get there from Wall, SD.  It is massive and desolate.  Worth the trip for me, but I am sure I would not do it again.

We finally saw buffalo just as we were entering the Pine Ridge Reservation, but drove past them too fast for a photo.  Other than that, we have not seen any other buffalo.
This is where the 250 Lakota were camped when they were murdered. on December 29 1890.  They were eventually buried several days later in a mass grave at the place I am standing to take this photo.   The hill containing the mass grave was used to place the US cannons that were fired into the indian camp.

This same hill is used today as a graveyard for members of the Lakota tribe.   They took the 25 soldiers who were killed to the Army Outpost and buried them there.

We are headed South tomorrow through the middle of Nebraska and Kansas.  Should be "interesting".  Will keep you informed!

Thanks for visiting.


  1. I love when posts make me do some research, both on that drug store and on Wounded Knee...also, I thought American buffalo were extinct, so I just learned three new things in one morning! Hope you're still enjoying your journey.

    1. I do the same thing! I am glad you are enjoying our trip along with us. We are in Texas now and it is hot, hot, hot. But, it IS august after all!