Thursday, July 14, 2016

Onward to Wyoming

Spent yesterday sight seeing in the Colorado Springs area.  Went through the Garden of the Gods, to the Cliff Dwellings and to Manitou Springs.    It is really beautiful here at the base of Pike's Peak.  The weather is mild.

Also visited Ruth's Stitchery in Colorado Springs.  It is a really great shop.  I was so overwhelmed I did not buy anything to speak of.  They have so much there it is hard to imagine what I need or want.  I did get some notions type things and some fabric pieces for finishing.  It is mainly a quilt store now, but they ladies in there were so nice.  I met a lady there who told me about the Woodlawn, Virginia stitching something or another.  She has won things there.  I have never heard of it, but I think it is a big deal.  Anyway, I probably should have asked her name.  I did ask for an autograph but she ignored me.

Tonight we are in Glendo, Wyoming.  I had never been to Wyoming.  I think if you wanted to disappear, this would be the place.  Everyone is talking about the heat!  HA.  It is 80 degrees.  We are loving it but we are the only people sitting outside.    We did not stop in Cheyenne so I missed a shop there, but I have found actual shops so intimidating that I am not upset about it.   Have been making ok progress on the needlepoint project, but not much progress on anything else as the evenings are filled with dog walking, fixing supper and cleaning.  Ahh the RV life.

Tomorrow we are headed to Montana.  I hope I will have something to post.

Thanks for visiting..........and for sharing the trip.

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  1. I'm a few days behind on following your journey as I was away for the weekend myself, but I still enjoy reading your posts. Hope you're having a great time!