Monday, July 25, 2016

Back in the USA

After a marvelous visit with my cousins we made it back to Great Falls Montana today.   Already miss the milder weather.

You know, it is amazing that when you cross from Canada into the US the difference in the terrain is amazing.  Canada looks green, productive and well kept; the US looks brown, fallow and mis-handled.  Wonder how the weather knows where the border is?

I realized that I do not have everything I need for the other needlepoint project I brought (what WAS I thinking) so I am just going to do the portions that I can with what I have.  I put in an order at Nordic Needle that should be waiting for me when I get back home.  Too bad we are not going to Fargo, ND while we are up here!

The project is Inside the Box by Freda's Fancy Stitches.  It is only 10x10 and should not take too long.

I promised to post my hauls from the two shops I have visited so far during this trip, so I will do that. I ordered all the threads for these projects as well.

There are the fabrics I got for Christmas projects and finishing while we are in Colorado Springs.

These are fabrics I got from Traditional Stitches outside of Calgary.  There were so many fantastic fabrics at that shop it was just amazing.  The white and blue are both opalescent.  The other two fabrics are for specific projects that I have planned.  Janice was kind enough to help me figure out the size fabric needed for the Sing a Sampler that I plan to do next  year.  It comes in several parts and I just could not figure it out (it is the Belfast Linen in Sand).  The other fabric is the Belfast lLinen in Vintage Lentil for the Canada project.
 And these are the patterns and kits I got while I was there.  I am going to try a couple of samplers and cannot wait to get them started.   I have been coveting the Glendon Place Christmas project (bottom left) so picked it up while I was there.

Jeanette Douglas is a resident of Calgary Canada so I picked up her latest design (on the far right) that I plan to do for my wonderful Cousin.  I discovered as I was reviewing the information that it was specifically designed to honor Canada's 150 year celebration in 2017.  How perfect is that?!

Not sure what the rest of the trip will hold so I will keep you informed as we go along.

Thanks for visiting and thanks for all the wonderful emails and comments.


  1. Your stash looks amazing! I love the turquoise fabric. The Canada sampler is perfect too. I am quite drawn to Canada even though I have never been there. Every Canadian blogger I know seems to be lovely. Mind you, every blogger I know seems to be lovely no matter where they live!

  2. I'm still following your journey from afar - both location and timewise - so I'm just going to pretend you are still where you are in this post while commenting :D
    Already on your way back? That was fast, somehow I expected you to stay longer! But I'm glad to hear you had a good time, and you got so many great additions to your stash :)