Monday, August 1, 2016

Yes, Toto, We ARE in Kansas

We made it to Liberal, KS.  It is kind of funny.  We had a head wind all the way which, according to sweetie pie, cost some gas mileage!  HA

Just in case you have not been in Kansas.  Here it is:

I have to say there is NOTHING, and I do mean nothing, in the middle of Kansas but cows and corn......oh, and wind.

Even Ty is bored and hot!  It was a long day

This RV Park is nice, clean and there is not a tree within 10 miles.  Of course, it is hot.  Glad we have great air conditioners.

I did get everything I could do on the Needlepoint project, Inside the Box done.  I now have to wait for the additional threads, as well as for our next RV trip to get it finished.  It will be this fall.

And finally, the wind is something.  There is nothing to slow it down or stop it so it just blows like crazy!

That is it for today.

Back in Texas tomorrow ---- hurray.  I think we will be in Abilene tomorrow night.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Toto does not look happy to be back in Kansas!
    Nice work on your needlepoint.

  2. Wow, those wide open fields look amazing! Not sure I'd want to life there, but I sure would like to pass through eventually. Great progress on the needlework project, I'm sure you'll be able to make an awesome finish out of this on the next trip :)