Friday, July 1, 2016

End of June Progress

Am getting mentally ready to take our RV trip up North. I will not take my large Chatelaine projects (Gardens of London and Old World Vinery) with me because they are a little cumbersome and they cannot be laundered once they are finished.  I am a little bummed to go that long without making progress on them.  I wanted to get the center portion done before we left so concentrating on it this month has made the difference.  Whew.

I needed a change of pace so I did this little small Halloween project.  It is "Be a Witch" by  Shepherd's Bush.  I substituted all the colors.  I called for Weeks Dye Works and I did not have even one of the recommended colors, so I subbed them out with colors I did have.  It is small and only took several hours.   I am not sure how I will finish it but I saw a tutorial for something called a "flat fold" that I may try.  It did not look too complicated and did not look like it took alot of sewing ability.

 I may not add the buttons that were included with the pattern.  Depends on what finish I decide to do and if I decide I like it well enough to add the embellishments.

I kitted up another Halloween project just in case I feel inspired before Halloween.  I also ordered a couple of Patriotic themed projects since I realized that I did not have anything for the 4th of July.  They have been shipped but I am sure will not arrive before the holiday.

That is it for the end of June.

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