Saturday, July 2, 2016

July Starts with a Bang

I really got in the Americana mood from watching some floss tube videos.  I realized I do not have anything in this subject, so what did I do......went to 123 Stitch and went crazy

This is Red White and Blue by Lizzie Kate (not sure I will make it as the kid comes, but we will see.
Freedome House by Little House Needleworks
All Dolled Up (I call it Liberty) by Little House Needleworks

I have also changed the way I keep my projects like this (smallish) organized.  Rather than have one entire 7 compartment box  and a separate bag for them, I decided to put them all in one 10x13 mesh bags (I love the ones with the zipper) and label it "Americana".  Many of the projects for seasons use the same threads so that should make things a little easier.

I also made one for my Halloween projects and will make one for Christmas Projects.

Although it is taking me away from Old World Vinery, I am needing a diversion from that huge project.

That is it for the beginning of July.  I am sure I will have some finishes to post before too long and a travel update as well.

thanks for visiting.

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  1. Great buys, those are really nice patterns and I love the idea of organizing your smalls into categories ^_^