Friday, July 15, 2016

Made it to Montana

Tonight we are in Garryowen, Montana.  It is the "home" of the Custer Museum which sits on the site of Sitting Bull's camp site.  Interesting.

Garry Owen is the name of an Irish song that was supposedly the "theme song" of the 7th Calvalry.  There is really no town, just the museum and the RV park where we are staying.  Kind of funny, we looked for it on the wrong side of the highway.......hit a dead end and had to unhook the car to get the RV turned around.  It was kinda funny to me.....not so much to my traveling companion.   Also kind of funny to me is that this RV park is on a dirt road................kind of dusty, but it is really nice.  On the top of hill overlooking a nice valley.  All is well as we are settled and enjoying the incredible view.

We are due a storm (small storm) tonight and it is really nice watching it come in as the sun sets.

Stitching Progress:

Made good progress on Lilac Time, the Laura J. Perin piece I do while we are driving.  I am enjoying it a lot.   I really like the fibers that are used. #5 DMC us nice to work with and I  like the metallic ribbon that is used.  It is alot of fun even if it is alot of counting.

Last night I worked on Wicked is as Wicked Does by Waxing Moon.  I got the witch's hat done which was my goal for last night.

We are off to the Butte area tomorrow.  It will be a long travel day so we will be up and out early.

Thanks so much for visiting.  

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  1. Great progress and an interesting museum to visit - what a great trip you're having! I hope you're enjoying the time :)