Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Mid June Chatelaine Progress

Old World Vinery by Chatelaine.

Working on this project exclusively before our upcoming trip I am making good progress, but I have run into a little difficulty.

I have found that no matter how many times I read the instructions I ALWAYS make some kind of mistake.  I used two threads instead of one for the half stitches that are purple all around the center.  Of course I had done the whole thing before I realized it, so I am going to leave it.  Grrrrrr.

I also discovered that I am terrible at backstitching.  I tried and tried, and frogged and restitched, but I just cannot get the backstitching around the leaves just inside the orange border to look right.  So, I made the executive decision to just leave it off.  (for the time being anyway). It feels like I am cheating somehow.....so an entire day of stitching was taken up with the silly backstitching.  Enough!

Am beading as I go even though it is a little hard to see in the photos,  using batting (as recommended by some other Chatelaine stitchers) to pad the beading as I roll it up on the frame.    I hope I can finish this center portion before our trip.

So enjoying this piece alot and am sure I will miss it.  I never cease to be amazed by these incredible designs.  It seems that the use of variegated threads makes each stitchers piece just a little bit different.  Of course, with all the errors I make, my pieces tend to be overly unique!

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  1. You progress looks great! I'm pretty sure that even with Chatelaines, it's okay to make some adjustments to the pattern if you feel like it suits you better :)