Friday, January 24, 2020

January 2020 Recap WIPocalypse

Stitch-A-Longs in 2020:

I am participating in the Linen and Threads 2020 SAL which looks to be a Quaker Motif sampler.  We will see.  I have done the first part so I am caught up.  Doing this on one of the only pieces of fabric I thought would be large enough and am using Sulky #12.  I am enjoying working with the Sulky...

I am also going to participate in a SAL with Sitching Mae (UTube).  She is doing the Vintage Birds by Jeanette Douglas for her birthday.  I wanted to do this project this year so I am going to hold off starting it until April 15 or so.

New Starts this month:

Easter Parade by Brenda Gervais, Country Stitches

This is a "rest" project for me.  It is on 28 count Faerie Wispers from two over two so I don't have to have a magnifier!  It is also on the small side so I hope to have it finished this month or early February.

The Library by Little House Needleworks

Making progress participating with the Sunday Samplers at Little House Needleworks face group.  Thanks to Vonna for this wonderful idea.

A Perfect World by The Scarlet House

Using threads as called (Gentle Arts and Weeks) and doing it on 40 Ct. Flagstone linen by Lakeside Linens (I think this is the only Lakeside Linen I own!)

I am obsessed with this project for the moment, but I must admit that I cannot work on it for very long.  It is my first 40 count in a while and the first couple of days were a bit of a struggle.   it IS getting easier the more I work on it.

Progress on longstanding WIPs:

Knot Garden by Chatelaine Designs

Not making as much progress and I would like, so I am going to dedicate a day to work on it for a couple of hours.  I do enjoy putting the beads and specialty stitches in so I am not sure why I am avoiding this project.

Mini Mandala 01 by Chatelaine Designs

Have made a little progress here.  Got the DMC borders almost done.  Every time I work on this I wonder why I don't work on it more...I really like the colors and it is really sparkly with beads and crystals.

Home of a Needleworker by Little House Needleworks

This is my Sunday sampler project so it is coming along nicely.

Abandoned/Removing from Rotation this month:  These were just weighing on me so they are getting a time-out.

Quiet Harbor, Permin

Gardens of London, Chatelaine

Kitted and Prepped:
(meaning I have put on a frame and marked the center/starting location and organized all the threads and put it in a project bag)

Elizabeth Poole  by Threads of Gold

Elizabeth Jones by La D Da

Will fill in more details once I start them.....soon I hope.

Finishes for January

Bluebird Out My Window by With Thy Needle and Thread

Mary Oakley, 1818 by Pineberry Lane

Beggars Valentine by Threadwork Primitives

I am really pleased with how this came out.  It is "larger" than called for because I used a lower count linen so not sure how I will FFO it!  But I do like it.  Oh, I changed the locks and arrows from 310 to 3799 because I just didn't want that much black on it.

I am doing well with my goal of 20 finishes for this year....if I average 2 finishes a year I will meet that goal.  So far I have just finished relative small pieces (kind of like cheating) so I am going to concentrate on some larger projects to finish.

Thanks for visiting.   I hope you are had a fun and productive January.


  1. everything looks wonderful. I think I have the Library in my stash, need to look and see. My Mom worked at the Library so I got it with her in mind. Can't wait for you next update.

  2. So many lovely projects. I do like the Linen & Threads colours. The Chatelaine is gorgeous too.
    I need to see your Gardens of London as I have that one as a WIP too.

  3. Wow, that's a lot of progress this month! I had almost forgotten how productive you are.

  4. You have so many beautiful designs going, I wish I could do more then one at a time, I just cannot do it I get antsy,
    Have a lovely week.


  5. Hello!
    I came over from I Love To Stitch On.
    I'm a new blogger too.
    You're stitching is beautiful.
    Hope you have a good weekend.

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