Monday, January 6, 2020

Goals for 2020

As usual, I have lots of things I want to do in this New Year.

But before I get into that, I figured out what happened in 2018......We remodeled our house in Texas so I was living in the RV as well as in the yard and everything was packed.   It was horribly dusty so I spent alot of time packing, cleaning during the construction and unpacking once it was finished so early 2019 was also a loss for stitching time.  Whew, glad to have figured that out thanks to my husband!

Now to 2020:

I am thinking that I want to finish 20 projects and start 20 projects (2020, get it?)

I have plenty of things ready to go so starting 20 things should not be a problem.

As far as finishes, I would like to finish anything that was started prior to 2019 first....some of those projects that are ages old.  Like the HAED Books Reading Books; Evergreen Sampler; Chatelaine Knot Garden; the 2017 Mystery SAL by Linen and Threads (expecially since I want to start the 2018 and 2020 SALs)

Then I will work on finishing the 2019 starts and go from there.

2020 seems to be the year of the sampler for me.  I have been drawn to several projects that are samplers. My problem is that I don't really like stitching words.   Kind of a drawback.

My new starts for 2020 so far in the sampler genre and are;

Bluebird Out My Window by With Thy Needle and Thread

Done on 28 count Chime by Picture this Plus...It is a yellow moddled fabric that is not showing up too well in the photos but it is very "springy".  I am using the threads called for except for the bird....the color was "Cadet" but the skein I had was too green so I changed it to "Old Blue Jeans".  Am enjoying this and should be finished with it in less than a week.

Mary Oakley 1818 Sampler by Pineberry Lane

I decided to use what I had on hand for this smallish sampler.  I am doing it on 36 count Old Mill Linen by R&R.  It is an aida evenweave that came in a Stitchy Box last year or the year before.  The threads are just random pulls from what I have on hand.  The jury is still out on the "white" looking thread, but I am going to leave it.  I hope to complete the border this week.

Thanks for visiting.  I am determined to keep posting this year.  I will be posting all my current projects with updates this week (I hope).


  1. I love your version of "20 in '20", it will be fun to see how we both do this year.

  2. Great new starts! I wish you lots of motivation and success for your goals, especially the 'Finish 20 projects' one. Having 20 new starts isn't usually that much of a problem!