Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Short Update about Shorter Trip

We decided to head back home because the weather is not so great.  It is wierdly hot (perhaps not so wierd for August) all over the central part of the country, and storms are cropping up in the evenings making it hard to decide where to stay.  We originally were going to head a bit East on our way back into Arkansas and Oklahoma but decided we would rather be hot at home and miss some of the storms.

Comments are not showing up embedded in the blog like they are supposed to.  Please do not think that I am not getting them or reading them, I just cannot answer them.

I enjoy every one of your comments and email.  Will post progress this evening when we "land".  I think Abilene, TX but who knows.

1 comment:

  1. Too bad the weather is cutting your trip short :( But I'd rather be at home with the storms creeping up as well.
    And Boo about the comments! I wonder what's going on there, but glad you're at least getting and reading them anyways :D