Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August in Texas

Landed in Abilene, TX after what seemed like a very long trip.  Lots of road work on the way South that slowed us down a bit.  Other than the heat, it is good to be getting back home, although I am kind of sorry to see the trip end.  I doubt we will have a chance for another trip this year other than to head back to California for the winter, but we will see.

I am looking forward to getting back and going through all the "goodies" I got along the way.  I picked up some finishing items during my latest Walmart stop.  Blanco is about 45 minutes from any kind of fabric store other than the local quilt shop.  I just picked up some thread and a few fat quarters of material in standard colors.

I work on my "Freedom" piece today.  It went a little slowly since it is really not easy to cross stitch and travel at the same time.    Doubt I will finish this piece before we get home.   I am wondering what those brown (Chestnut color) star looking things are between the houses.......birds perhaps?

I let Jasmine have the front seat today so I stayed in the back until it got too hot for me to stand.

We should be back in Blanco early tomorrow afternoon so I will go back to blogging every couple of weeks.

Hope to have lots of new things to post as we head out of summer and into the holiday season.  I will be back working on my large Chatelaine projects and hope to finish at least Old World Vinery this year. 

Thanks for joining me on our journey.  We had a great time and are already planning the next one.  Everything on the RV and car worked perfectly and we could not be happier with our first long trip in our newish RV.


  1. Welcome home! I can stitch on a train but not in a car or bus so I guess an RV would be the same.
    I have no idea what those star things are, planes flying in formation?

  2. Welcome home! Sounds like you had a great trip, and that little stitching project you're working on is really cute. Now get some rest before you head out again :D