Friday, August 26, 2016

August Finally Ends

It has been in interesting month.  We have been busy, but I cannot really tell you what we have been busy doing!

Sing for the USA by Brittercup Designs

I changed the color of the bird house from the dark navy to a lighter blue that was used in the Lizzy Kate.  I also thought the leaves on the flagpole looked odd just hanging out there, so I sort of made it a "vine" by running the thread over and through the flag pole.  I am fairly happy with how it turned out.

I added jute around the border so it would coordinate.  Looks kinda plain, but what the heck.  And it was just a lucky coincidence that is turned out about the same size as the Lizzie Kate.....I certainly did not plan it!

I have one more Americana peace lined up.   Perhaps by Labor Day I will feel like doing it.

Ghouls Nigh Out by The Trilogy

Alas, another Halloween project.  It is pretty cute and fast.  It is on 32 count linen and I did it 2 over 2.

Oh Canada Sampler by Jeanette Douglas

I am really enjoying this piece more than I thought I would.  I took an on-line class through Craftsy that was taught by Jeanette Douglas, that helped me understand her chart and instructions.  This is the first time I have ever done a 1 over 2 piece and I am more impressed than I thought I could be.  There is some 1 over 1 which is another thing I have never done before.  The one over one is extremely tedius to me.  I suppose it is worth it but this is going to take longer than I originally thought.

Not sure if this is the way 1 over 1 is supposed to look, but I think I will keep going with it and make it my focus piece for the rest of August.

Mini Mandala 05 by Chatelaine Designs

This project is coming along.  For some reason I am not so fond of it.  But I am sticking it out.

Right now it is the only Chatelaine that I have in the works.  (and I have to say that feels so weird)   I have several kitted up and ready to go, but I am not sure which one I want to start since I sent the Old World Vinery off to my sister so she can have it framed.

Books Reading Books by Heaven and Earth Designs

Have decided that I need to put in more time on this project so I am going to try to do at least an hour or two a day.  It is very confetti heavy (as most HAEDs are) so it takes me a long time.  I do still enjoy it, however.

 Although I have whittled my WIPs down to about 8 I still had trouble organizing them while keeping them handy to pick up and stitch.  I found a canvas tote thingy and it is working out perfectly.
Handles on the side an two sections.  Works perfectly for the bags I use for most projects.  The one behind in the pillow case is the O Canada on its frame.

Thanks so much for visiting and I appreciate every comment, suggestion and hint!


  1. Lovely stitching. The Sing for the USA finish is fabulous and looks so sweet with the Lizzie Kate pillow. The witches are charming and O Canada looks like it will be a fun stitch. Sorry your not loving working on Chatelaine's mini mandala - it's looking very good but I understand how sometimes the process of working on a piece is just "meh". Nice wip organizer!

    1. Thanks so much. As I get further into the mandala I am liking it a little better. I guess that is why I keep so many things going at one time.

  2. Wowo, you have much to show! I'm impressed with the progress you made on the Mini Mandala (sorry you're not loving it, but I think I do!) and on the Book Reading HAED, but everything else is great as well. I think that over one stitching looks perfect!

  3. Lovely WIP! I like the way you have them stored. I need to find some method of organization. Thanks for an idea.