Tuesday, September 6, 2016

September Finally Here

Still working hard  WIPs .  I have been feeling a little overwhelmed with all the various projects that have been going on for months and months.  Of course I have to remind myself I have done alot of smallish projects this year.

Be Thankful, Country Cottage Needleworks

I pulled this one out of the UFO pile.  I got tired of it last year but with less than 1/3 of it to go I decided to finish it.    I thought it was smaller, but perhaps it was means to be done of a larger count than I choose.  It will fit in an 8x10 frame so that is probably how I will finish it.  I was not paying much attention when I ordered it and started it.

I must comment on this fabric.  It is a 28 count even weave in Coffee by Fabric Flair.  I cannot remember where I got it.  It is a thicker than some evenweave fabric I have used and it is white on the backside.  It is a nice, soft fabric to stitch on, but the white on the back tends to be a little off putting.  It tends to stretch and who the while through onto the front side.  Hard to explain.  But it does go back into place pretty easily.  Not sure I would use this again for anything.

I wish I was more blog saavy.   There are so many things that a blog can do, like link to other bloggers and things they are doing.  There is something where you show our ORT jar, but I do not know how to link it all.

But, in case I figure it out, here is my ORT jar for the beginning of September.  I think it is really interesting that I feel so "attached" to my ORT jar.  Funny.  I have a new one every year.  I have put some years into those clear plastic christmas ornament jars and labeled them, but I do not think I have ever put them on a tree!  I just hang on to them for some reason!  What I do find interesting is that since I started doing several projects at once there is no longer a clear delineation of the projects.  I kind of like it.

I am planning to start a wedding sampler for some friends of mine that I need to have finished by May 2017.  This is But Happy They by Cross Stitch Antiques from the Headmistress Sampler Series.

 I had to write the designer to ask a dumb question about this project and she mentioned that I could add motifs in the open spaces of this chart.   What a great idea....but I am not sure how to figure out what to put on there or where.   I am looking forward to starting this.   It is about 15 x 18 as it is, so kind of large.

I have had a little progress on other WIPs but nothing I think warrants a photo at this point.  I have also been working on some Christmas ornaments between the large projects.   Hopefully, there will be a finish or two this month that I can share.

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  1. What a lovely finish! That fabric sounds really annoying. Who wants stretchy stitching fabric?
    The wedding sampler seems to be a really fun design, I'm looking forward to see what you'll make of it :)

  2. I really like the be thankful piece. I might have to add that one to my wishlist. I attached to my ORTs too. We work hard for them, lol.