Thursday, January 15, 2015

Roughly Week Two of 2015

Now that I have reached a new part of the Books Reading Books chart and the colors have changed, there is considerably more confetti stitching. I am thinking that a page a week is too optimistic.  I seem to be able to do about 100 stitches an hour when the confetti is heavy.  I am sure there is an easier way with all the thread changes, but I find I get very confused if I try to have too many thread colors going at one time.    I am definitely making progress and still hope to finish this by the end of the summer.  I am enjoying the fact that there are no fractional stitches, no blended threads and no back stitching.  Started on Page 3 today.  Should be interesting to see how long it takes.  I do love seeing the design take shape.

I have also made considerable progress on the Celtic Welcome Friends project.  The 14 count seems really large!  I would not say I am half way finished, but would like to finish this by the end of January.   I have another gift project to go in its place so I need to get it done.  I am very pleased with how this is coming along.   I am thinking I am going to add some beading to it.  Not quite sure, but there are some places where some little beads would be appropriate I think.

Part 3 of the Lizzie Kate Things Unseen sampler arrived this week.  I am going to slow down on this project I think.  I  moved it to a bigger frame so I can stitch with both hands.  The jury is still out on the Qsnap. 

I am enjoying this project but am looking forward to completing it for some reason.  I have never been fond of samplers so that may be the issue here. 

I am wanting to do a quick finish so I kitted up Teaching is a Work of Heart by Lizzie Kate.    I have some waiting room time coming up so I made this a traveling piece since it is small (3 x 5 or so).  I will be doing it on a 28 count evenweave in Mushroom from my stash and using the Weeks Dye Works threads that are recommended.  I should have used DMC from my stash, but it is only 6 colors so not too bad. 

I added two more things (both kits) to my 2015 box.  One of from Lenarte and is called Quartet of Penguins.  It is only about 3 x 5 or so and is one white linen.  Should be really quick.  Will probably start it as another traveling project since it is small.  The other is a kit by Glendon Place and Dinky Dyes.  It is a learning piece that teaches how to sequence a fiber with 5 distinct colors (the words on the kit, not my words.....we will see how well I learn it).  It will also be my first experience with silk threads and some more basic help with using variegated thread.  All in preparation for my Chatelaine that I am anxious to start.

And speaking of Chatelaine.  I make minimal progress on the Christmas Tree Mandala so I am not going to post it.   I did a little outline stitching while waiting at the dentist office....not enough to write about.

I got frustrated with the Biscornu from Riolos so it is in the "probably never be finished" pile. 

I did make a small start on another Biscornu using the thread that I dyed myself that I will share next week. 

Thanks for visiting. 

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  1. Tell me more about the Mushrooms in your stash ?!