Sunday, February 1, 2015

End of January finish

I managed to finish the "Welcome Friends" Celtic project and am pretty happy with the way it turned out.  I decided against beading it.  Since I changed the fabric to make it a little more 'manly' I thought beads might defeat the purpose.

I am having second thoughts about giving this to the intended recipient.  Funny.  Not sure why.  But I do plan to frame it anyway.

Had a small finish.  My traveling project took no time at all.  These smaller projects are a nice break from the large, detailed pieces that I usually work on.

I think this little foam frame will work.  It is a gift for a teacher I know.  (Well Duh)

Am making progress on Books Reading Books.  It is slow going but I am not discouraged. 

I plan to finish the Lizzie Kate Mystery Sampler, Things Unseen this month.  It goes pretty fast when I work on it. 

I have not yet decided what project I will start next.  

Thanks for visiting.

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