Sunday, January 11, 2015

More Adventures in Dying

 Yesterday I was cleaning out some stash items and ran across a pattern I got from somewhere called "Black Hat Lady Green Eyes".  It came with 14 count white aida so I decided first, that I would change the fabric out for some 22 count white aida that I had, then decided I would dye it.

It came out pretty well I think.

I then decided that I would dye the original 14 count fabric with the left over dye and it came out more pastel. 

Now I think I am going to use the original 14 count fabric that is a lighter green and save the 22 count green fabric for something else.
This pattern is from Design Works crafts.  I believe it came in a grab bag that I ordered many years ago.  It comes with some beads.  Not sure why it was unpackaged.  Perhaps I considered it at one time and then set it aside.  At any rate, it will end up being quite a large project so I am thinking of just doing the face and hand portion and cutting the arm short. 
And then I got the bright idea to try some floss.  I have a large spool of DMC blanc, so what the hey.

It was interesting, and I am not sure I would do it again, but maybe doing the Tree of Stitches project will be perfect for these odd variations.
Perhaps it is just me, but the white floss off the spool does not have the same texture as a skein of blanc DMC.  It seems stiffer somehow.  Even prior to dying it. 
Nothing else to report until I do an update in a few days. 
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