Friday, January 2, 2015

End of the year Update

I have had a few finishes and some starts that were scheduled to be in 2015, but I got anxious and started them early.  I just needed some smallish projects during this busy time of year.

This is a tiny ornament size piece that was fast to stitch.   More practice on linen for me.  It is from Twisted Threads.  There was actually enough fabric from 123 Stitch to do the thing a couple of times.  Sweet.  This was also my first project using Weeks Dye Works threads.  I like them, and the variegations look much better in the photo than I can see in person. 

And in keeping with my resolution to actually finish my finishes, here is the finished product.   Since it is only 3 x 3 I got a little canvas and easel at Walmart.  I laced it and covered the back with felt which gave me a place to put my initial and date.

 And speaking of linen, I did not post the finished yellow rose from Thea Gouvernour.  It was not bad either.  There are a couple of places where it is off, but I can't even tell where it is anymore.

So, all in all I am feeling pretty good about linen and evenweave fabrics.  I think I will prefer evenweave simply because, as the name implies, it is more even than linen and is easier to count.  I have not attempted to grid on it so far.  I am going to switch out the fabric on the Thomas Kinkaid Tinkerbell (5x7) that I am going to do.  In checking the pattern, there are a ton of half and quarter stitches, so I am going with a 28 count evenweave.  It will probably come out bigger than 5x7, but I wanted to do some framing this year so what the heck!

Made some progress on Books Reading Books.  Am into the second page.  Still enjoying it, but still not able to get the hang of parking.  The colors are so close I just cannot seem to make it work for me yet. 

Pulled out Bay Dunes to finish it now that I am headed into the new year.  Would love to finish it before New Year's Day, is beginning to frustrate me for some reason. 

I started on the kitted Biscornu but I am not too happy with it.  I am not sure there will be enough fabric for the bottom and the top, and somehow I am a row off.  I will probably finish it, but I have found I am not fond of stitching with a hoop.  Makes it harder for me to stitch with both hands and always taking it on and off the hoop is a little annoying to me.  Probably why I like the larger projects.

I also broke down and started another project.  It has been kitted up for months and I just felt the need to start something new.  So far so good.  It will be a gift this year.  I switched out the white Aida for this fabric because I had the fabric and I thought it might be a little more masculine.  I also switched out the threads from the kit for DMC.  I have supplemented kits before, but this is the first time I have done a total replacement.  Seems like a waste to me.  Not sure what I will do with the kit threads.
And here is my Christmas Present.  I know it looks funny, but it is a QSnap holder that goes on my Lowery stand.  Have not used it yet as I am just working on a 6x6 hoop.  But I am ready for a larger project.  Perhaps the Chatelaine I have planned for this year. 
And last but not lease, I have been doing some work on Tree of Stitches so that I can learn the specialty stitches for the Chatelaine.  I am not too happy with it.  I am better with some stitches and not so good with others.  Not sure if I will finish it or start over.  I began using random threads that I had left over and the colors are, well, just terrible. 
 Did not get this posted before the end of the year, but that is the update anyway. 
Thanks for visiting.
Hope your New Year is fantastic.


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