Saturday, December 27, 2014

First Attempt at Dying Fabric

Had my first dye session.  It was interesting.  Not as hard as I thought in some ways but not as easy as it sounds in others.  Achieving a desired result might be an issue.  I only tried to dye some Aida fabrics that I picked up here and there from thrift stores.  Figured that was a good starting point.

At this point I was just dying to be dying and learned quite a bit.  Like, if you want purple, use purple dye.  If you blend red and blue, most of the blue will wash out leaving mostly the red dye rather than the thing ending up being purple. 

Now bear in mind that I am not an experienced dyer by any means.  I am sure that I did not follow the instructions so I may not have left the dye on the fabric long enough, had the perfect mixture or followed any real "rules" that may exist.  I just got dye from Walmart, mixed it up and went to town.

As I said, if I was trying for a certain effect for a certain project I might be in trouble.  So far, however, I had a pretty good time.

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