Tuesday, December 2, 2014

New Starts and Old Projects

Just a few updates and new things this month.

December 1 started a Heaven and Earth Designs stitch-a-long.  I am doing the Books Reading Books design.  It is going so well I am lulled into thinking this is going to be relatively easy.  I am doing it on 18 county Aida because the 25 county I got originally was just too small and too distracting for me.

I am trying not to think about how stitching will go when I get to the portion of the picture that has a letters inside the book.  One stitch at a time, right.

I did get all the floss put on bobbins (most of it anyway) and am a little surprised that it doesn't use more colors.  It has a total of 86 colors which is not bad.  It has lots of area that only has a couple of colors and not much confetti.  When I get to the actual picture I am sure things will slow down, so I am making an effort to do as much stitching as possible before I get to the 'hard' part so that I stay motivated.

I have also done more work on the linen that I am learning.  It is coming along and is getting a little easier.  I am hoping to be more comfortable with this fabric as I have a couple of 2015 projects that use evenweave and/or linen.

This is a Thea Gouverner  kit that I got off of Overstock.com.  It is going pretty well.  Magnification and lighting sure help!

So that is about it for the first of this month.  I put in a few hours on Woodland Enchantress.  I have kind of lost interest in that project for now.  I am sure I will pick it up after the new year.

And of course I have not stitched at all on Bay Dunes, Cranes or any of the other WIPs I have going.  Oh well.

Thanks for visiting.

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