Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What WAS I thinking?

My last finish was the free Heaven and Earth design Santa and the Mouse.  It was round and was called on ornament, but it ended up being about 9 x 9.  I decided to frame it and when I got the frames I just did not like the blank fabric on the corners (as the design is round).  So, in my infinite wisdom I decided to fill in those spaces to make it square for framing.  I found in my stash a skein of a red metallic thread (I know, I know). 

So I thought this will fill in and it will be a very quick fix before I frame the project. I figured it would take me about a day of stitching (6-8) hour tops to get this done and ready to frame.  Well, I realize how poorly I estimate how fast I stitch.  And I also had forgotten the pain that metallic can be, slowing the progress down further.  However, I am ok with the result.

I don't think I would do this again -- not with this particular thread, but this is what I had on hand so.....about 30 hours later!

I also much mention that the floss was a Rosace brand metallic.  I had never heard of it and probably picked it up in a thrift store haul. 

That is it for the moment.  Staying busy with my HAED December start and would like to complete the first page this week.  Also want to complete my first effort on linen fabric, the Thea Gouvener yellow rose. 

Will post plans for 2015 this week as they are coming together and getting a little out of hand I think!

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