Monday, February 20, 2017

Mid February Update


Delivering Spring Blossoms, Homespun Elegance

This is a fun stitch.  I am doing it on a really lovely piece of 28 county Lugana from Silkweaver called Astor.


I finished the Valentine from Sitchy Box on the fabric that was included in their 28 Days of February box. I used GAST Cranberry.

The photos is terrible as far as the fabric color.  

I had to use tea to dye the lavender fabric for this FFO.  The fabric was much more "antiqued" that I thought.


Thrift store frame.  No glass, so I padded it heavily.

I also framed the Beekeeper by Plum Street Samples.  I used the tea to darken the mat a little.  I got the frame and mat at a local thrift store and the mat was too white.  It is a little better now as it looks a little more brownish/yellow in person.


Excursion #1 Scotland, Amy Mitten Designs

Well, I am just sick about the progress of my current sampler that I am enjoying so much.  I did not measure accurately and the fabric is not wide enough as a result.  I am going to make adjustments to the pattern as I simply cannot bear to give up on it and I am certainly not going to frog all that I have done and risk running out of the silk threads.  It will be off-center, but what the heck.  I think I will be OK, but what a mess I made for myself.  I am hoping it does not damped my enthusiasm for this piece.  So I have decided to complete the house which is the main focus of the piece, then the border  and worry about the other motifs when I figure out how much room I will actually have.

I think that is it until March.   While I think I am enjoying the Stitch from Stash 2017A (as is my budget)  I am missing the package deliveries.  Crazy isn't it.  I am also trying to keep my WIPs down and I think I am getting a little bored.  I also realize that I do not have a Chatelaine piece going.....perhaps I will start one in March.

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  1. Lovely work, I especially like the Valentine's heart and the cute Easter finish. I feel wih you about the wrongly measured fabric, I've been there myself just recently and it's a really bad feeling :( I hope you'll get it worked out!

  2. Some beautiful finishes. How frustrating to find that your fabric is not wide enough on your sampler. I hope you feel motivated to finish it as what you have completed is lovely.

  3. The Valentine Heart is lovely as are the Easter finishes. You will have to join my next blog hop with those!
    I am sure Amy Mitten would understand the need to change her design, make do and amend was the order of the day for those early stitchers!
    Have you got a postcard pal for the SFS? Then you would get cards at least! If not actual stitchy stash!