Sunday, May 7, 2017


I have been so remiss with my posting.  I decided to go ahead and post the March update and move on to April rather than try to combine them.  Sorry all.  Hope you enjoy.

March is shaping up to be really, really busy for me.  Have lots of company coming in for a wedding the one of the weeks, I had some emergency dental work done last week (yuk) and that will be finished off this month, a granddaughter birthday and packing to finally get back to Texas.  Perhaps that is why I have been stitching and finishing like a crazy person for the first two months of the year. Everything stitch related will surely slow down from here on out other than my opportunities to get in some stitching time since the NASCAR season as begun and Sundays are race, laundry and stitching.

FFOs to finish out February

This was a little freebie from somewhere.

Woodland Wonder by Glendon Place.  Finally found a frame at a thrift store that it would fit into.  No glass but it has alot of beads so I am not too worried about it.  Also, will probably only have it out during Christmas.

A little flat fold done for Halloween.  This is by Trilogy but I cannot remember the name of the pattern.   Thanks to Vonna, the Twisted Stitcher I am getting a little better at flat folds!


Delivery Spring Blossoms by Homespun Elegance.  Pretty fun little stitch that I made into a little pillow I am sure.

And since I was playing with the ribbon technique I learned from Shepherd's Bush on the Utube I decided to fully finish this little project from last year.


Linen and Threads 2017 SAL: No real progress, I am at least a month behind

Ship's Manor Beautiful Sea SAL: So close to a finish, but no progress


Afternoon in Paris by Country Cottage Needleworks.   I am doing this for a niece that loves all things Paris.  I am using Silver Moon linen instead of the blue linen that is called for on the pattern (thanks for Stitching from Stash challenge) and I ordered the frame that is pictured with the sample.

I will be posting April and May soon.  I hope.  At any rate.....I am hoping to get caught up.

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  1. Wow, it's really been a while! It's lovely to see what you worked on. I still really like the Woodland Wonder, and it looks gorgeous in its frame.

  2. Great work on all your finishing. I love the Trilogy Witches and your ruffle ribbon too. Vonna really does do some great tutorials.

  3. Gorgeous work. My favourite is the Claddagh ring pillow with the ruffle ribbon.