Saturday, February 4, 2017

Finally February

January was not bad as far as productivity.

Stitch From Stash 2017A

I was able to get through the entire month without any stash purchases, and I got $26.00 credit for finishes.  So I begin February with $46.00 and my February budget of $20.00 for a grand total of $66.00.  Go Me.  Hoping I can have another month of no purchases and making progress on some old projects.


 Breath of Spring by BlackBird Designs

28 Count Woodvine Jobelan (very definitely a lilac color) using Gentle Arts and Weeks Dye Works cotton threads 2 over 2.

Sampler Excursion #1 Scotland from Amy Mitten.

32 Count Linen, "Fibers to Dye For" silk threads 1 over 2.

I got this kit last year and it comes with everything.....linen, silks, even a needle.  My only issue is all the initials called for in the pattern.  It will take some thought on my part about how to actually do the initials.


I am still enjoying the Mystery SAL from Linens & Threads.  Will be making the color choices as each band is released (monthly) using threads from my stash that I have in multiple skeins.  It looks like it is going to be basically a green, gold and brown piece.  This month's band is quite a bit smaller and more manageable so it did not take me too long.

I am caught up on the Under the Sea SAL by Ship's Manor.


Books Reading Books, HAED

Completed Page 15 which is just abouth half way.  I am in year to of this project and my goal is to give it a little more love this year.

Dancing Deer, Cherished Stitches

I thoroughly enjoyed this.  The colors are just fantstic.  I left off the wording at the bottom and hope that by the time I get ready to fully finish it I will have some idea what I want to put there.

I also made a pillow out of a December 2016 finish, Reindeer Games.  It need some emblishment, but I am going to wait until next Christmas when I am more inspired as I think is really needs something.

I am not all that thrilled with how it turned out.  I think I left too much of the linen fabric on the sides.   I used a pillow form .   By the time next Christmas rolls around I may be in the mood to re-finish it.

Completed a couple of ornaments so far this month.  I think because the two releases on the SALs were small I was a little out of sorts at the beginning of the month.  I found myself wanting to do some February/Valentine themed projects, but new purchases are not in the budget, so I got a freebie and did a small ornament.

That is it so far this month.

I am finding that the Stitch From Stash is carrying over to other parts of my life also.  I am a little more conscious about what I am putting in my Amazon basket these days.

Thanks for visiting and Happy Stitching.


  1. An interesting selection of WiPS. I imagine you won't get bored. Two nice finishes.

  2. You have so much going on again! Great finishes and your HAED is showing some real progress now. Great work on the SALs and great job sticking to SFS too!