Friday, November 11, 2016

November News

I hae been concentrating on Christmas stitching this month.  I have several things I want to do and a couple of gifts in the works.


Comet, Nora Corbet

Interestingly, I did not enjoy stitching this and I am not that happy about how it turned out.   I have another one of the reindeer but I doubt I will do it this year.  Perhaps the fabric is the problem.......and that "Whisper" thread (used on the tail to supposedly make it fuzzy)....I am not impressed.


Woodland Wonder, Glendon Place

I am truly enjoying this piece but the counting has given me fits.  I should have gridded at least the top portion because there are some errors in the antlers.  No one would notice.  Also, because the fabric is so sparkly, I do not think I an going to use the Kreinik on the snowflakes.  I will decide once I start beading it.

The BeeKeeper, Plum Street Samplers

Coming along nicely though not very quickly.


Mermaid Letters, Nora Corbet

I did the grandgirls' first initials in Nora Corbet Fairy Letters for last Christmas, so this year I am doing their middle initials in the mermaid letters.  These are really nice to stitch.  They go pretty quickly and the charts are very well done.  Of course there is alot of beading, but it is so worth it once they are done.

Beautiful Sea SAL, Ship's Manor

I got the threads for this SAL but have not started it.  I am in a delimma about the fabric.  I am leaning toward the darker color because it would be a change of pace for me.  I am waiting, however, for the third and possibly fourth portion to come out before I start it so I can see what is going to happen across the top.  I am not sure why I joined this.  I do not really like mystery projects at all.

 The weather has been so amazing here and all the critters are out for their final escapades before winter hits.  Jasmine enjoys chasing the deer that like to visit us.  It gives her a good chance to run and I enjoy watching her.  Today, however, she surprised me by coming in covered, and mean covered, with goose poop.  At least I caught her before she crawled up in the middle of the bed!

Today I had to turn on the heater, so it is time to get back to California.  We are leaving Tuesday and heading West, so I am getting things packed and getting the house ready to go.  No too much stitching going on for a next few days.

I have decided to Stitch from Stash for 2017.  I have about 50 project kitted and ready to go so I certainly do not need anything.  That is my plan anyway.  There is a group of  stitchers doing the same thing.  If I can not careful things get totally out of control!  Internet shopping is WAY to easy.  This really becomes obvious when I pack up all the stitching stuff because I cannot leave it here!  It is two HUGE plastic totes full.  Kind of silly.  And, I am leaving summer stitching here at least.


  1. Beautiful stitching, I particularly love the beekeeper.

  2. Great progress! I love the colours for the new SAL, I'm curious to see how it will look like.
    Have a good trip back to California! Stitching from Stash sounds like something I should by trying again sometime as well. I hope it works out for you!

  3. Comet looks wonderful but I don't think I would want to stitch all the reindeer either. I like the unusual trees in the Glendon Place design.
    I've gone off the idea of mystery samplers too and I am definitely in for Stitch from Stash again!