Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Back in California

Other than fighting a cold all the way back we had a very pleasant and uneventful trip.  Those are the best kind.  We managed to hit a nice weather window other than some minor dust storms coming across the desert.

I got a little stitching done.  I worked on some Christmas ornaments since I got totally frustrated with the needlepoing project I had planned to work on while we were driving.  Somehow I managed to get the count off so I am having to fudge it quite a bit.

I gott the threads for Woodland Christmas all on bobbins.  Everyone has been doing the "Forest Grew" by Rosewood Manor.    I found this one in the Good Housekeepig Christmas book (do not remember the year)  I hope I copied it correctly because I did not bring the book with me.   Winding bobbins is very therapeutic while we are riding along and I do not have the concentration to stitch.  I am looking forward to starting this one after I finish the Nora Corbet letters for my grandgirls.


Mermaid Letter M, Nora Corbet

Had some decent progress.  Have the beading to do before I start the other one.

The Bee Keeper, Plum Street Samplers

Managed to get quiet a bit done and and I am not sure how because I tried to work on it while Jasmine had my seat in front.  Kind of bumpy but at least this is just for me and not for a gift so I can forgive myself some of the errors.

Winter Wonderland, Glendon Place

So much beading.  I am really enjoying seeing this come together, however.  I hope to finish it this month and move on to another one of the Christmas Projects I have in the wings


Reinderr Games by Kathy Barrick

Dancing Deer by Cherished Stitches

For some reason the photo of this project is hiding from me. So I will post it later

Happy Thansgiving to all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving this week.  Thank you for visiting.


  1. Great progress, I love the 'M' and the beading! Glad you made it back safely ^_°

  2. Woodland Christmas looks nice and I love the Mermaid M. My cousin is expecting a little girl soon so I am hoping to stitch another Fairy letter for her. I have asked her to chose an initial I have not already stitched LOL