Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Change of Plans

As is usually the case, October comes to Texas and I cannot bear to leave.  So, I will stay on the bend until some time in November.   We had such a great time with our visitors.  I forget how I enjoy having them.

The fall is so terrific.  The deer are out and all the critters are getting ready for winter.  This is a year for pecans so the squirrels are staying busy.

I have made a little stiching progress this month.

Hatching Christmas, Good Housekeeping

Just have to work on the border.  I am considering changing it to a more Christmas themed border.....perhaps holly leaves.  Turned out pretty cute for my chicken raising DIL.

Home is Where You Hang Your Needlework, Homespun Elegance

Once I got the lettering done I just winged it on the motifs around the outside.  I think it is finished.  This is a project that I may stitch again and follow the chart a little more closely.

Books Reading Books, HAED

I just started Page 15 so I am almost halfway done.  I will not bore you with another photo.

Woodland Wonder, Glendon Place

I am thinking that perhaps this fabric is a little too sparkly (if that is possible).  Interestingly, this fabric is a little more difficult to stitch on that I would have thought.  However, I still love it and will keep going.  The pattern calls for combining 2 strands of white and one strang of the Kreinik metallic but I don't know.  Seems like it will be bulky.  I decided not to put the metallic on the snowflakes around the border (since the fabric is so sparkly) and am still pondering the snowflakes inside the border.  I may wait until more of the reindeer and trees are done to make a finaly decision.

Bee Keeper, Plum Street Samplers

I am enjoying this project in spite of myself!  Alternating the large blocks of color with the other details and border.  It is going well.

Comet, Nora Corbett

This project is kind of interesting.  I like it, but not as much as I thought I would (and I ordered 2 other reindeer.......I cannot imagine that I will do all of them)   It may be one of those projects that I like better once I get it done.  Who knows.


O Canada, Jeanette Douglas

Although this project has proven to be far more tedious than I would have thought, I really enjoy doing it and it has given me a new appreciation for samplers in general.  There are so many errors in it I cannot even remember most of them....but it will be off to it's recipient in a couple of days.  I have not "signed" it and am not sure that I will.  So I am hanging onto it until next week.


  1. So many cute projects, Suzy! And your Canadian sampler finish is wonderful.. Whoever the lucky recipient is, he/she will love it!

  2. You've made a lot of great progess! I especially enjoy seeing the Winter Wonderland one grow, and also the Flowers on Bee Keeper. Enjoy the rest of your time in Texas!